ESAIR'12: Fifth International Workshop on

Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval

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Call for Papers

Please submit your Research/Position Paper (2 pages) to be presented as boaster and poster at the workshop!

Exploiting Semantic Annotations

There is an increasing amount of structure on the Web as a result of modern Web languages, micro-formats and linked data, user tagging and annotation, and emerging robust NLP tools. These meaningful, semantic, annotations hold the promise to significantly enhance information access, by enhancing the depth of analysis of today's systems. Currently, we have only started exploring the possibilities and only begin to understand how these valuable semantic cues can be put to fruitful use. To complicate matters, standard text search excels at shallow information needs expressed by short keyword queries, and here semantic annotation contributes very little, if anything.

The main questions for the workshop are how to leverage the rich context currently available, especially in a mobile search scenario, giving powerful new handles to exploit semantic annotations. And how can we fruitfully combine information retrieval and semantic web approaches, and for the first time work actively toward a unified view on exploiting semantic annotations.

Many Open Questions

The Workshop will bring together researchers working with semantic annotations, its use cases, its sources (authoring to NLP tools), its users, and its use in DB, IR, KM, or Web research, and work together on a range of open questions:

These and other related questions will be discussed at this open format workshop -- the aim is to provide paths for further research to change the way we understand information access today!

We Need Your Help!

Help us shape the future of information access by increasing the depth of analysis of today's systems:


July 27, 2012Deadline for Paper Submissions
 Prepare your 2 page PDF using the ACM format
Submit online using EasyChair
August 12, 2012Notification of Acceptance
 Details of accepted papers published online
August 26, 2012Deadline for Camera Ready Copies
November 2, 2012Workshop day during CIKM 2012!


This workshop will be held as part of the 21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Maui, 2012. Information on Maui can be found in the Wikipedia.