INEX Workshop


9th International Workshop of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval (INEX 2010)


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INEX Workshop.

The INEX evaluation forum closes its yearly cycle with its annual workshop that has gained a proud reputation of being "different" from other conferences or workshops in the field. That is, an INEX workshop experience is to be 'locked in' for 3 days, with usual reports and talks but also with intense discussions that continue into the very late hours... In short, its great fun combined with great science -- many bold ideas started from such a discussion. After the workshop most INEX attendees make a firm decision to also attend the next workshop -- even if this implies flying around the globe...

The INEX 2002-2008 workshops were held in Schloss Dagstuhl/Leibnitz Center for Informatics ( We outgrew this venue, which prefers small-scale seminars, and moved to Australia for 2009 (Brisbane) in a beautiful country mansion. This was a one-off, we plan to schedule the INEX Workshop in Europe for the coming years. INEX 2010 will be held in the Netherlands.

All active INEX participants are invited to attend and present their work, we will do our best to accommodate all requests (guaranteeing at least 1 presentation per research group).

Dates and Costs.

The INEX 2010 workshop will be held from Monday December 13 to Wednesday December 15 (lunch time). We expect participants to arrive on some-time on Sunday December 12.

There is a 'flat' registration fee of 600 Euros, which includes everything except for drinks and wifi. That is, this includes the conference fee, three nights of accommodation (Dec 12-15), and 3 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, and 2 x dinner.

There is wifi available but offered by an external party (t-mobile, usual rates), and its unsure whether we can offer an alternative.

We will likely print copies of the (pre)proceedings (due date for papers is November 22nd). We plan to publish a formal proceedings as a Springer LNCS volume in 2011, for which we invite the submission of revised versions of papers appearing in the (pre)proceedings.


The INEX 2010 workshop will be held in country estate called House of Bergen (Huize Bergen, which offers accommodation, conference facilities, and all meals. The venue is located in Vught which is a small town in the south-east part of Holland. The venue is roughly 1 kilometer, or a 10 minute walk, from the Vught railway station, which has direct connections to Schiphol (1h 20m by train), Eindhoven (22m), and Dusseldorf (2h 35m). Schiphol/Amsterdam airport is one of Europe's main hubs with direct connections to all major airports. Eindhoven and Dusseldorf are budget airline hubs with connections to many European destinations.

Getting There..

Assuming you arrive at Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport, you'll find the railway station in the terminal building. There's a train every 30 minutes that will take you to 's Hertogenbosch (14 and 44 minutes past the hour). From 's Hertogenbosch you'll take a slow train to Vught. For a specific schedule, visit:

and get the timetable for Station: Schiphol to Station: Vught around your time of arrival in Amsterdam. In case you arrive at nearby Eindhoven airport (only some budget carriers), you can take an express bus to the Einhoven station (every 10 minutes), and then a slow train to Vught.

Once you arrive at the Vught Trainstation, you're almost there. If the weather or your luggage isn't nice, you could get a taxi (there information at the station). But easiest is to walk along the railway (Stationsstraat, Spoorlaan) in a Southerly direction until you see the Glorieuxlaan, which you follow until the traffic lights (the estate is on your right-hand side).

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You can register for the Workshop, by filling out this registration form, signing it, and sending a scan to This is a pdf form, so you can type most of the fields, except for the date and signature.

The registration deadline is November 19, 2010. Please register a.s.a.p. We reserved a limited number of rooms, and can only negotiate extra rooms up to some weeks before the workshop. We can still squeeze in 1 or 2 extra persons, just contact us.

If you have trouble scanning, please contact and we'll arrange an alternative form of communication.


If you have any particular questions, or require a visa to travel to the Netherlands, please contact, and we will sort this out.