What can you do with the whole parliamentary history in your pocket?

Expose Project Kick-off Meeting, Wednesday, October 23, 2013, House of Representatives, The Hague

The parliamentary proceedings are a central anchor point in the recorded history of a country. The collection is so valuable because it covers such a long uninterrupted period and is still growing every day, because it is set up uniformly over time, because almost all the major events in our country are discussed, because ..., and very importantly because a very large part is available in digital form.

The ExPoSe (Political Exploratory Search) project will bring this power of the Acts out by developing better tools and techniques for professional users. Since the Acts connect the past with the present and the future, we will focus on two types of users: scientists -- especially historians and political scientists -- on the one hand and (data) journalists and transparent democracy promotion organizations on the other hand.


On 23 October, the project starts with a kick off meeting in the House of Representatives in The Hague. The program is as follows: